Covid costs 48 times what it would cost to solve world hunger

At February 2021, Covid policy has cost the world over 24 trillion dollars, approximately 48 times what it would have cost to essentially end world hunger.

If we really think that the world powers care about what happens to us, then take this in to account. 9,125,000 people died from hunger in 2020 alone. That’s 25,000 per day. Numbers that were most likely exacerbated by the lockdowns, flow on effects from supply chain problems and democide.

If we really cared about life, don’t you think we would have put 1/50th of the money to solve the single biggest problem in the world right now such as world hunger & starvation?

To make things worse, we have contributed to more hunger and more death in the coming years by making the rich richer and the poor poorer through life destroying lockdowns and various other covid policy.

How much of the deaths in India in the Delta wave were contributed to by the brutal lockdowns inflicted on a population that already lives day to day. Not being able to leave the house to go shopping, beaten by police if they did. Not being able to buy food or earn a living.

Is it any wonder that people who were already immunologically weakened by hunger & stress keeled over when exposed to a virus like Sars-Cov-2? A light breeze probably would have knocked them over.

When put in perspective, Covid-19 is a blip on the radar in India compared to other killers such as Diarrhoea which kills 800,000 to 1 million children every year alone. Twice the amount that Covid has killed in the previous 20 months. Heart disease kills 1.2 million alone. Where is the ban on soy bean oil and junk food?

You have to ask yourself… Do these actions really seem like they come from a body of power that claims to care about your health?

Considering the vast majority of poverty is in majority black nations, do black lives really matter? Or is this, as well as the covid narrative being used for some other purpose.

I think we know the answer to that.

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